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Our Process.

COMMUNICATION: Our team will happily fit around you. Whether it’s before work, lunchtimes or evening, we’re ready to chat. Your CV tells a story, albeit a snippet of one but we like to paint the most accurate, appealing yet honest account to our clients, so we dig deeper. Here, honesty is the best policy. Tell us everything!

VERIFY: Our integrity and reputation are invaluable so we will check your past references, ID and certifications where necessary. If the role is government related, we will start the ball rolling with BPSS and security checks

REPRESENTATION: Your profile and our appraisal are presented to our clients for review and discussion.

FEEDBACK: Given our solid relationships with our clients, feedback is relayed honestly. From here, the process begins to differ slightly from one employer to another. This is where we step in to help you prepare for your interview.

We appreciate feedback, so please spare a minute or two and complete our online feedback survey.

Perfecting your CV.


Check your spelling, punctuation and grammar

Check your spelling, punctuation and grammar. Mistakes here will cost you. It tells potential employers that you don’t pay attention to detail. Your spell checker won't help – you need to read your CV out loud to pick up any mistakes.

Include contact information

Remember to include your phone number, email address, current home address and add any technical or professional social media profiles such as GitHub, LinkedIN etc.

Keep content relevant

Make sure you emphasise your key technical skills and provide an example of your actual (hands on) involvement. Include any theory / non-commercial experience separately.


Make sure both the start and end dates for each employment are displayed using both the month and year.


These are worth their weight in gold. For example, if you’re a programmer and code in Java or .Net, tell us how many years you’ve spent doing so commercially, along with the methodologies, frameworks, tools etc.

CV length

Keep to three pages maximum! Less is more.

Nationality / Visa

With the ever changing Visa stipulations and requirements, it's important to tell us about your Nationality, Visa status and Right To Work upfront.



Are distracting and unnecessary.

Colours and varying fonts

Keep it simple.

Buzz words

Although these are common within Technology, don’t use them for the sake of it. Remember anything you claim on a CV will be questioned.


Keep project and skills information relevant in a concise snapshot not a full debrief. The interview itself will be your opportunity to elaborate.

Send your CV.

At interAct Consulting we always want to talk to highly skilled, bright and enthusiastic candidates. Whether you’re a graduate just starting your career journey or a highly experienced, senior IT specialist, upload your CV now to find your next career move.

Upload your CV now

Interview Tips.


Always read the company’s website before interview. One of the best bits of advice we give is to memorise three facts about the company when your interviewer asks, “what do you know about us?”


Pre-plan your route. Is there parking? Do you need to use public transport? Always aim to arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled start time.


Your profile has already been presented. Please remember to take with you any example code or portfolio from previous projects. 


We all know IT is becoming more casual in its approach and employers are becoming more relaxed in terms of daily work wear. Always dress smartly for the interview. First impressions are key! 


We all love to talk (some more than others) as with any potential employer, the key is don’t interrupt, talk over them or waffle when answering questions. Speak clearly, enthusiastically but more importantly factually.

Refer A Friend.

interAct Consulting needs you! You’re not the only one looking for that next challenge.

We offer a generous referral voucher scheme. Referrals and word of mouth make a really significant difference to both us and the people and organisations we connect with.

interAct is proud to work with some of the best and brightest people in the industry. However, we are only as good as the people we talk to.

So here’s how it works:

Fill in the form below recommending a friend, colleague, family member or current/past employer and we’ll do the rest.

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